Tuesday, June 6, 2017

6A-10 Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing
We were inspired by the book World Without Fish because it show how bad overfishing can be so we decided to make a game that taught people how to fish responsibly.  This is the order of events that went into making our game:
  1. First we brainstormed environmental problems.
  2. Then we got the idea of overfishing as our focus
  3. Design rules for the game
  4. Buy Magnets and bring string
  5. Make fishing pole with cardboard, string, and a magnet
  6. Make tank with cardboard and hot glue
  7. Program the Makey Makey
  8. Design fish on tinkercad to 3D print them out and glue magnets to them
  9. Play
We decided do this idea because we really liked the cardboard arcade and we wanted to make something like it.
If we had more time we would like to make more fish.  One challenge that we had was that we didn’t have enough fish and we overcame that challenge by just using less fish. Another challenge we had was time. We partly overcame that by working really hard, but we should have managed our time better anyways.
When the Maker Faire started some people didn’t take our project seriously and tried to kill all the fish, but a majority of the people that played our project understood what it was about and thought it was cool.
After completing our project we gained experience in programming on scratch. We also learned how a Makey Makey works and if we had had more time we would have painted our project and made different kinds of fish that could have cost differently.
Using the principles of Maker Faire (Creativity, Curiosity, Persistence, ect.) people can solve environmental issues easier than ever, because the main part of creating a solution to a problem in the world is thinking outside the box and not giving up when one idea doesn’t work. 

- By Séamus and Eli

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