Sunday, June 4, 2017

7B-10 Foam Glider Fails for Life

For the BPC school maker faire, I Julian B plunged in to the challenge of flying a glider. I knew it would be hard but I tried and failed. My foam glider's wing span was 50 inches wide and 12 inches long. I chose this project because I had previously watched a few really cool gliders fly super far. (They only put the ones that work online:). I was tempted to make my own fly as fare as their's. It didn't go so well for me. I used lots of tape, foam, card board and time. I also used 2 blades on an exacto knife and a tape-measure to make my fail of a foam glider.
As you can see I used multiple diagrames to create my final glider. I think that without the cardboard it would have been lighter allowing for a longer flight . Mine only flew 18 feet of of the balcony of a 2 story building. Even thought I failed, I had a ton of fun making, flying and finally destroying the glider.
By Julian B 7B

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