Tuesday, June 13, 2017

7B-5 1920's Style Dress

Our Maker Fair project is about how we made a 1920's style dress in a week. The process on how we made it is first we both drew our own designs of the dress and went back to shared our ideas with each other. After we both saw each others ideas we put them together to create a rough draft of the design. Our inspiration for this project was historic fashion. We both wanted to do something important in the history timeline and we also wanted to do a project that would be fun.

We engaged in our project by first creating a rough draft of the design we wanted. But if we ever came upon a challenge, what we did was first to think about the different possible ways to fix it. When we found the perfect rough draft of the dress, we found out that we didn't have the fabric color we wanted. Luckily, Ms. Mytko had some extra fabric in her class room that worked perfectly.


Things that we learned in the process were how you have to make sure you add a few inches to the original measurements, because otherwise the dress would become smaller when it is sewed together. We learned a lot about how patterns will affect the dress to make them better. Another we also learned was that you do not need a lot of fabric to create a nice dress.

If we had more time to create this dress, we would have gotten more fabric, we would have cut the dress more evenly, and we would have added more designs to the final dress. More things we could have added includes, more length to the dress and more accessories.

Our advice for the upcoming class who are doing this project, is to research what your project is because that will help you in the end. Also to work at home because that will really help with your final project to make it all the better. Another thing is to always stay focused because otherwise if you goof around you wont have as much time to work on the project, and if you have more time you can perfect it.

The final coast of our project was $0! We only used recycles fabric because we wanted to help the environment.

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