Sunday, June 4, 2017

7C-5 Chicas Skateboards

For our project we decided to make a skateboard. Two of our group members have wanted to make a skateboard for a while, and this felt like the perfect time. The objective of our project was to design an original skateboard, that would function. Our group faced several problems regarding not being precise. One example is when we estimated by eye where to drill a hole for the trucks. We were only a little bit off, but that one hole was too far out for the trucks. Our solution came when we found that the trucks had two holes for screws. We redid the drilling with measurements and it worked. Our group also used a lot of prototypes. We used one to cut our board out. We cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape that we wanted our board to be. Then, we laid it on the piece of wood that we would cut our skateboard out of, and we used it as a model. It helped a lot because we had something to try our ideas on and a line to cut on.

During the process of building the skateboard, our group learned to always measure and be precise. We also learned that spray painting designs, drilling holes, making models, or even just finding the right materials are not easy things. If our group had had more time on the maker fair project, we would have liked to build the trucks and wheels as well. We would have also liked to have made trick board rather than a long board. If anybody decides to design their own board, I would advise not riding it down a steep hill and again, being very precise. Here is a video of reference: (The video is for a way more real deal skateboard and it’s pretty complicated, but it’s still helpful.) The estimated cost of our project if you had to buy everything, would be about $45. However, since we only had to buy trucks, bearings, and spray paint, it only cost us about $25.

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