Monday, June 5, 2017

6A-7 mini greenhouse

Lucy and Simone.jpgWe built a mini greenhouse! The inspiration to building our mini greenhouse was when our class started building them in science. However, we never finished so we decided to continue as our maker faire project. 

Our project was important to the environment because it showed how easy it was to grow your own plants and greenhouse saving time, money, and resources! 

We got the idea of building our greenhouse because there were pieces of the wood that was used to make them (with our class) in the classroom, which reminded us of the greenhouses and that they weren't finished. 

We faced a challenge when we came back from the weekend before maker fair and our plants had been knocked over by the wind and the soil along with the seeds (radish and carrot) had fallen out. We fixed our problem by replanting the seeds, and, two out of the four seeds grew a little in time for maker faire! 

Most of the people who saw our project were surprised we built the greenhouse, which was funny, and they thought it was cool that the interactive part of our project was that they could plant their own plants.  We learned how easy it is to grow something and how easy it is to make something so cool (the greenhouse). We also learned how you can help the environment by making something that doesn't even take that much effort.  We think that if you work together, put in effort, and are flexible about challenges you might face, you can solve any issue!

- Simone and Lucy

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