Monday, June 5, 2017

6C-6 Attempt Your Own Bicycle Powered Blender.

We used this video while trying to make our blender bike: Build Your Own Bicycle Powered Blender.
We did not know what to make, because none of our ideas overlapped, so we were looking at the suggestion sheet Ms.Fryke gave us, and we saw Blender Bike, and BOOM, something clicked.
Motor of blender
    Maya and Nikki at the Maker Faire

Before                                                       After (We did not finish)

We showed that you do not have to use electricity while using a blender. We had the wrong type of blender, so the right part would not stick out enough. Not very many people visited our station, but the few people were interested. We learned that it is really hard (if you don’t have experience) to cut with a power tool, and that we needed a lot more time. If we had more time we would assembled the box [on table(bottom right)] and attached it to the bike rack then to the bike. 
- Maya and Nikki

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