Friday, June 2, 2017

6B-1 If you need water, MAKE it

                If you need water, MAKE it.

Hello my Name is Rocco Rizzi, I am the maker that created this project. In 5th grade we were talking a lot about the drought in California and I thought of this idea of a water maker. But now in 6th grade (Even though the droughts over!) I decided to recreate this idea.

This invention uses condensation to create distilled water (water without minerals). If you could see the condensation droplets you simply would pull the Lever and bring it back up by pulling on the strings. 

        My project started out with just a lever that you pushed down to collect water, but then I noticed that it was extremely hard to pull it back up so I first thought: "I CAN USE SPRINGS!". We got springs but they were extremely heavy duty and they were not that springy. So I thought and thought "I USE SPONGES TO RESET ITSELF!" but then I thought "Wait... if i'm making water, the sponges would not work they would suck up the water." then I thought extremely hard then I thought of the flawless plan if I used springs to pull the lever to reset itself! And that worked.
       Only a few people actually talked to me about mine they just walked past me, but from the questions they asked I learned a lot like them asking would making the cold water cost more energy than a normal distilled water maker. If I had more time I would  make a real thing not just a prototype.
        The Maker Movement has learning, creativity, and curiosity. From these 3 values we can change the world with our creations and inventions.

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