Friday, June 2, 2017

6C-4 Food Chain Dominoes

We were inspired by a couple of videos we saw of dominoes together, it reminded me of the food chain, we were also reading World without Fish so it was kind of on my mind. Our project addressed the food chain collapsing if an important animal or food source died which could be caused by overfishing, pollution, or climate change. At first we had a giant Rude Goldberg machine running from of the balcony down to the ground, than we realized we wouldn’t have the space so we used big blocks of wood with images  create a domino effect. Other people liked our project because the quiz we made made people think about the earth and how we need to change our actions. If we had more time we would have made it bigger and more interactive, from our project people can learn that our actions affect others, and that everything we do isn’t always good.

by Chewy and Oli

Video and Image

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