Monday, June 5, 2017

6B-5 Eco-Friendly House In A Hill

         Anna And Sarah's Eco-Friendly          House In A Hill

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Sarah: For our inspiration, I tuck a trip to Vienna during the February break and visited the hundertwasser house in which there was a model of a house model called wunderkammer. It was an underground house and there were passages, people, waterways, horses, and little balconies and cool windows and doors. I wanted to make and eco-friendly house, or a tiny house. Anna wanted to make an underground house. We compromised and made an eco-friendly underground house. Wunderkammer was so cool, and I wanted to do something like that. 

This project addressed the problem of global warming caused by carbon emissions. If you can have a house that doesn’t use coal or natural gas or anything, then you can reduce your own carbon footprint by a large component. We also had sheep and horses, and we were going to have a garden, but the seeds did not come in time.... If you grow your own food, get milk from sheep (cows cause methane emissions), then you get cheese, butter, milk, and maybe even ice cream. And if you have an electric car, with solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal energy powered house, or something that does not use non-renewable energy sources then you can really reduce your carbon footprint.
Anna: Also you do not have to destroy a natural land mass to get a home you can just work with it and get something gust if even more cool.
We began by making the structure out of paper mache and since we didn’t have fake grass, we made the grass out of sand and using green paint as coloring and glue. It turned out better than we expected.  

Anna: Next we stated to decorate, added minny solar panels(which are so cute!!)

Next we made a lawn for the house to sit on by using the same technique we used for the grass on the house.

Know it is time to DECORATE!! First we will make some trees. To make some trees we need some balsa wood for the truck and felt for the leafs and we picked some cool shapes for the top.

Then you can add whatever you whant to the house. We added some animals and a pond. We wanted a house that looked something like this,
So we added black pepper that slanted in to recreate that effect. This is our final product that we tuck at the maker fair right before we put it all on display.
We wanted to do a 3D inside but we did not have the time or the money so we did a 3D digital model and asked each person to contribute to the inside. If you what to see the inside just click Here ! You can add something to the inside!

This project was noe as easy as it sound we originally wanted our house to look like this
But in the end we did not have the time or the money to do this. We also are not very good at building models but we solved all this by finding something that we could do in a short amount of time and for only 30$!! What we did was easy and we managed to make it look really cool! I think if we had more time we would have definitely made something like the house you see above! If everyone something the would help the environment (it could be as little as buying organic food to as huge as moving to an environmentally friendly home.) it would really help the world out a lot.  

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