Monday, June 5, 2017

6B-10 Vegan Food

Vegan food by Sabine, Simone, and Sabir

For our Maker Faire project we made vegan desserts. Our inspiration was that we wanted to spread awareness about how eating meat products, and especially cows, harmfully contributes to global warming. We also wanted to show that vegan food can we just as good as normal food. 

Avocado Chocolate Pudding was one of our 3 recipes and the link above has the recipe. Eating vegan can improve your diet, and be good for the environment at the same time. Livestock requires a lot of water, to feed the animals, but also to maintain the fields and grass around it. California is in a drought, and the production of livestock has not helped. 

We wanted to do something interactive for our project so we thought we could demonstrate that vegan food could be good, and that their is a perfectly good reason to go vegan. We faced some challenges in having out first try at a recipe not being very good. The first time we made the Avocado chocolate pudding, it did not work out and did not taste good at all. We also kept on forgetting to bring the ingredients so for that day we couldn't do what we had planned. 

A solution to this was to send each other reminders to bring ingredients and make all the recipes more than once. If we had more time, our next step would be to make the regular version of our recipes and then have people compare them without knowing which one was which.

by Sabine, Simone, and Sabir

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