Friday, June 2, 2017

6C-8 Pollution Monster

One of our inspirations for this project was an article about the overpopulation of jellyfish. In the article, it showed a machine that would float around the ocean and kill jellyfish. We then took that idea for our machine.The environmental problem that we addressed was pollution in the water is killing fish, and if all the fish die off it ends up making the oceans die. We all care a lot about the oceans, so we wanted to come up with a solution to this, since we’re not fisherman, we decided to do that.   The process of our project was first to think of a plan, then we drew it out then we made the prototype. They thought that it was interesting and it was a good idea. A lot of people thought that it would really useful on a bigger scale in the ocean. We learned that there are a lot of pesticides in the ocean and we need a way to pick them up. That is why we made our robot. If we would have had more time, we might have made the robot more water proof so that it was more durable.


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