Friday, June 2, 2017

6B-2 Creating Awareness about Biking

Why Biking is Better

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I was inspired by all the people biking on bike to work day because it felt like such a community. If you biked on bike to work day then you must of got a bag from Bike East Bay, they are a organization that helps bikers everywhere. This is there link Link to Bike East Bay.
I am trying to reduce our carbon footprint. By getting more people to bike, people are driving less cars therefore producing less pollution. Also by biking you are helping your community grow and by biking more people want to bike. In my Maker Fair project I am got people to make pledges saying they will bike more.
I came up with my idea by just thinking of what I do on a daily basis that helps the earth and what I could do to help it even more. At first I was just going to have dioramas and posters. Then I realized I needed something interactives so I came up with pledges. Also I wanted people to be able to ask more people about biking and get more involved so I found good organizations.
At the BPC Maker Fair most people were excited to make a pledge to bike more. The Pledges ranged from biking more than twice a week to getting a bike. Most people were supportive and liked the idea of helping the environment and your community. I learned about all of the cool bike organizations in the Bay Area. There are so many people trying to bike more and put in more bike paths.  
I think all of the Maker values are great. In order to help our planet from all the stuff we are putting into it we will need to work together. Also People will need to find solutions themselves since lots of them are yet to be invented. To save our planet it will take lots of people working together who are not afraid to ask questions.

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