Sunday, June 4, 2017

7A-4 Cardboard Tank

For Maker Faire we built a cardboard and wood tank. We wanted to build this because we have been building with cardboard and all year and we decided we wanted to build a giant creation.

One way we went through the design process was that we at first wanted to build the entire tank out of wood, but then we realized that would be too expensive. So we decided that we were going to build it with a wooden skeleton but we found that was also too expensive. So we decided on the idea we used which was to have a wooden base and have a cardboard and PVC frame. One challenge we had was putting on the casters because we realized the bolts we had were too small so we had to find longer bolts which we found, but then when we put them through the wood and put on the casters, we realized the casters would hit the bolts. To solve the problem we put nuts on top of the wood and then the casters did not hit the bolts anymore. One thing we learned was that zip ties hold cardboard together a lot better than screws and nails do.

Next time if we built it again we would make it look nicer and maybe decorate the inside. We would also have liked to find a better way to propel it and put some sort of turret or catapult on the top. Some advice we have is to put the casters on the bottom before you put on the cardboard and PVC frame.  Another piece of advice is to get large pieces of cardboard that are large enough to cover an entire side because it will be a lot easier to put the tank together and will require a lot less zip ties. 

The total cost of building the tank is a decent sum. It is 11.76 for 4 8ft 2 by 4s. It is 15$ for a 4’ by 8’ by 7/16’’ piece of plywood. It is 13.7 for 8 plate swivel casters although 6 will work. It is 9.94$ for 650 zip ties, you don’t need that many but it can be nice to have a lot of extras. It is 13.89 for the 3, 1 inch by 10 ft PVC pipes. The bolts for the casters will vary in cost because you need the bolts to fit the holes on your plated casters and go through the wood, the cost will probably around  15$ depending on the bolts and casters. The cardboard you can get for free some tips on where you can get it is on this website. You also need a drill, box cutter, a saw, and some screws. The total is probably going to be about 80$. This is a link to some other ways to make a cheaper cardboard creation.

-By Nik and Gabe 

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