Sunday, June 4, 2017

7A-8 Using the Bridge (AR/VR/MR) Headset

For my Maker Project I worked with the Bridge. The Bridge is a AR machine that allows you to scan an area and use it as the background for VR.

You can play with a robot named Bridget in it. You can play fetch, open portals, and make furniture appear.  The bridge is very interactive and has a lot of potential.

The reason I chose this project is that I really wanted to experiment with the Bridge and find it potential.  So during science class I kept experimenting with it trying to scan places and get a good experience.  I kept ending up with bad, ugly scans of the places because whenever someone walks through my scanning area it messes it up. I tried to deal with what I had, but whenever I looked away from what I scanned it would lag out.  Also you could move the not scanned black stuff because it glitches.  It was a very bad experience - just boring all around. [Teacher Note: We have a lot to learn, so we are not necessarily blaming the equipment yet!]

We have contacted Occipital (the people who make bridge) asking them tips on how to get some good scans. Overall I really enjoyed messing around with the bridge and I can't wait until we got some good scans!

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