Monday, June 5, 2017

7A-5 Branch Light Fixture

        For our maker project we chose to make a light fixture out of branches. Our inspirations were modern lights and nature. We both really liked the idea of incorporating light to art and nature. This project will hopefully be enjoyed by anyone who can appreciate the mysticality of nature and lights. Our prototype was based off of modern lights pictures on pinterest. 

A lot of the time, we just think of lights as . . well . . . lights! But turning light into an art form is taking it to the next level, and a visually pleasing level might I add. Our project had a 100 dollar budget, which didn't present much of a problem to us. The constraint that presented a bigger problem was time. Although we had quite a bit of time to work on the project, we had wasted A LOT of time using wood glue instead of hot glue. We realized after using wood glue to attach several branches to the platform we had created, that the glue would take too long to dry and we couldn't hold the branches in place forever. We switched to using a hot glue gun to attach the branches to the platform, and that proved to be much quicker. 

Although the hot glue worked to put the branches we used onto the platform, we recommend if the branches you are using are fairly heavy, that you use wood glue. Luckily, the branches we used were very lightweight so we could use hot glue. 

In the process of creating our branch lamp, we learned quite a few useful things. The most important thing we learned was how to use a jigsaw. Without the jigsaw, our circular platform would have been a lot harder to cut! 

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