Monday, June 5, 2017

6B-6 Our Ocean Wave Of Trash

Ruby Sculpture.JPG
Our inspiration was really from when we went to the ocean cleanup. We were shocked at how much trash was washing up on the shore! We were also really upset that so many animals were being harmed from our trash. By making our wave, we hoped it would raise awareness in our community. The environmental problem we were addressing was the fact that we are polluting our ocean with tons of trash and it is hurting sea life. We want people to stop using so many non-reusable, plastic things! When we became partners, we actually both had the same idea of doing a trash filled wave! 

    Starting with chicken wire we built a very big wave and tried to paper-mache it. The paper mache did not work out...We decided that we needed to make a smaller wave, but still with the same idea. We stuffed our new wave with trash and it was done! When people saw our project, they wanted to know what exactly it was/what it was for of course. After we told them, they usually stayed for a second looking at the trash, and then went to get lemonade or sorbet… Both of us learned that you need to persevere, but if we had more time, we would definitely make a bigger wave to have a larger impact. From Maker Movement values, we can learn that YOU can help our environment, and you don’t need fancy machines or professionals.

- Ruby and Rosie

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