Thursday, June 1, 2017

7B-1 We Made A Magazine in Two Weeks!

We made a magazine in 2 weeks!

Our project was to create a magazine that didn’t have anything to do with gossip, or body image.  We wanted to create something that reflected things that all people could use and enjoy.  

We took this opportunity to write about topics we've always been interested in, but never had the time to really explore. We had a blast researching and creating content for people to read and enjoy. Something that we underestimated was the amount of work that goes into a single magazine. Most magazines have a team of writers, photographers, and editors. Cut that down to two people, and two weeks.
Us at the maker fair with our magazines

We spent early mornings, and late nights, writing, editing, and taking photos. We went through some serious writing blocks, but persevered, and were able to power through. Something that we would do in the future to improve our magazine, is to try to diversify our posts and talk for about stories and things like that. If had more time, we would add more articles and pictures. We were inspired by sunset magazine, and we tried to look to it when we suffered with writers block.

We are happy that we finished on time and came up with a product that we are proud of. Overall, this was an amazing experience, and gave us a snapshot of the work of a journalist.

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