Thursday, June 1, 2017

7C-4 Whittling Wood

During the beginning of this project I got surgery and my partner chose for us to carve wooden knives! So I bought some wood and brought my knife and started to carve. I carved out the handle first, I used a stop cut to make a sleek and hand fit handle. I marked out a space for the hand guard, carved that out and then started on the blade. I used a beaver tooth cut to make a slightly curved blade and I used a hand jig to get a point, but then Cut off the point because I was presenting this to second graders and I didn’t want them to stab each other. (partner 1)
When we were still choosing my partner had to get surgery so I chose the project and I chose to carve knives because I thought it would be something my partner would be willing to do. I got wood from my garage and brought in a knife to start carving. I started by making a circular shape for the handle I then sanded the handle and put duct tape on the handle then I carved out the tip and sharpened it. I left mine sharp because I knew that me or my partner would be watching the booth so there was no real danger. (partner 2)

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