Monday, June 5, 2017


Reading on the environment when we were brainstorming. We thought that the issues were so big that we needed to tell every person at the maker faire about them. The problem we were trying to address, was that we were destroying the ocean by putting in pollution. We also showed how the pollution we are putting in affected animals, by showing the story of the death of the animal on the back. The process of designing our project involved drawing pictures or taking them off the internet (shown above), and drawing/writing a story of how it happened, then coloring both sides of it.

 We came up with this idea by wanting people to understand that the ocean is polluted, and we choose to show it by using cause and effect. John and I faces a lot of challenges. We changed our project 3-5 times, starting with a watered filtered basketball game to show people that they can filter water, to a flow chart that explains about water pollution with blackboards to ask questions after, to our final project, CAUSE and EFFECT. It took time to overcome these, but with help from a teacher you can figure something out, and that is what we did.The reactions were quite the same, sad mopey faces.If we had more time we would probably make more cause and effect flip papers.The people who saw our project will now be able to confront the issues that we are stating. The learners/viewers can then help the world by helping the animals in trouble get out of trouble. The learners and viewers can check the story of the animals they are eating by asking the person who is selling their food, I highly recommend this because then you can figure out where your animal is from, how they died, and who farmed/caught them.

- Eliot and John

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