Monday, June 5, 2017

6A-4 BPC Maker Faire Project: A Energy Effective Home

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The Story of Our Maker Faire Project

By Sarinah R and Ian S

       The inspiration for this project came from a video on youtube about a couple living a no energy usage home. It inspired us to try to create an energy efficient home for a low income family. We picked a low income family because there are some really popular and expensive ways to help the environment, like solar panels, but we wanted to show that there are other things you could do to limit usage.

The Pre-show Documentation
DSC08283.JPGThe environmental problem our project addresses is that a lot of wasted energy that the earth has comes from everyday people, like you or me. We can do a lot to try to reduce that energy, but some of the options are too expensive for normal households. We came up with cheap, simple tips for families that can’t afford things like solar panels. Some ideas we had were reusing water from the washing machine, turning the heat off and lights down and using sunlight instead, and having a garden full of vegetables for meals.

The process of designing our project was difficult because although we quickly constructed our model house, we had trouble finding actual stuff to put in it. We thought that we wouldn’t complete on time, but we put in the extra effort and came in to work during our free time.

We came up with our idea by sitting down together and discussing ways to limit usage of energy. We came up with so many ideas we decided to represent them in a model house.

A challenge we faced as we worked on our project was building the actual the actual house. We had to figure out how to get the walls up and also how to work in the time constraint.
We overcame these challenges by coming in at recess and really focusing on the project. We taped the walls up.
Maker Faire
Ian and Sarinah.JPG

The reactions other people had to our project were positive. People liked to look in our house and at our garden and see all the ideas we came up with. People also read our poster and saw the drawings we did to clarify.

We learned a lot of different ways to improve energy usage in your home from our project. We saw simple tips, innovative ideas, and much more.

If we had more time, we would want to find more ways to improve energy usage in low income homes. We could learn from the values that you should create something that everyone could do and we think that our project did just that. Since we created it for a low income home, everyone could do it.

Here are a few tips of what you can do to make your home more energy efficient, some of which we used, and some new ones.

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